Vacation Travel Essentials

The thing about living in an eternally sunny city the way I do is that you never really realize that it’s summer until you check Instagram (or a calendar). So, in an attempt to make it feel like summer, my family and I took a few well-deserved relaxation trips around the country, including a 10-day vacation on the Egyptian west coast.


That being said, I know that for a lot of you, summer’s only just begun, and many of you will probably be visiting some amazing new places. So, I figured I’d share some of my favorite beauty essentials that you can take with you wherever you go.

Clarifying Facial Wash – Experimenting when it comes to beauty products is something I’m almost always down for, but when it comes to travelling abroad, youI can’t really afford to try something that will end up breaking me out or irritating my skin. So, bring a facial wash you trust and know will keep you covered under all circumstances.

Hydrating Face Mask – Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination like myself, hot summer days will likely leave it feeling parched and in need of a moisture boost. I particularly like sheet masks for this because they do an amazing job without taking up precious luggage space.

Face Primer – A clear face primer like Benefit’s The Porefessional or the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is always a must have in my summer beauty regimen, mainly because not only will it keep your makeup from melting off your face in the scorching heat, but you can also use it to thin out your foundation for a lighter finish (or you can wear it on its own for a completely natural look).

Blotting Papers – When your face starts to go from dewy to shiny throughout the day, these babies are a life saver. The Body Shop Tea Tree ones are especially good because they help you steer clear of the dreaded cake face while packing an extra dose of vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin.

Long Lasting Lip Color – This one is something I can go on about for ages. There is absolutely nothing in this world that screams summer to me more than bronzed skin and a bright lip. I’m always looking for a high impact product that I wouldn’t have to touch up every hour, and I think Too Faced’s Melted lipstick has done a great job of not melting and ending up all over my face as the day goes by. This one’s definitely a winner in my book.

Those are the products I found were practically life-saving on my trips. What are your beauty travel essentials this summer?


2 thoughts on “Vacation Travel Essentials

    1. Thank you so much!! I have to admit, seeing someone comment on my blog for the first time is such an amazing feeling, so thanks for that, too, I guess.. haha 😀

      I generally use face masks from local Saudi brands, which is why I didn’t give any specific recommendations… I know a lot of people who’ve tried the Dr. Jart ones and loved them, so maybe those could work.

      Do you have any ideas one what I should post about next??


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