10 Reasons Why You Should Get Short Hair

pixie compilation

I think girls with long hair (my past self included) have always wondered what it’d be like to chop it all off. I’ve recently went from shoulder-length hair straight to plain pixie – although calling a pixie cut “plain” an understatement to say the least. So if you (like me) have been contemplating getting a dramatic cut for ages but are too scared to go all out, here’s a compilation of all the reasons I personally think you should go for it:

1. It’s a weight off your shoulders – literally. All that damage from bleaching, heat styling, and pulling and tugging your hair into way-too-tight-ponytails? Instead of blowing all your money on products that claim to repair and protect your hair, you can just chop it all off and give your hair a fresh start. And speaking of money…

2. Having less hair means using an overall less amount of styling products. This means that you can spend a lot less money on hair products, which can be ridiculously expensive.

3. It’s empowering and has its own form of unique feminine sex appeal (unlike long hair, which, here in the middle east, can be very beautiful but lacks the boost in confidence that short hair gives).

4. 2 words: Killer. Cheekbones.

5. You can wear the loudest and boldest of makeup looks at any event and never look overdone.

6. Hot, humid days are no sweat. Well, maybe a little sweat, but as much as it would have been with your long hair all over your neck and shoulders.

7. Depending on your hair type, it can be as easy as “wash, dry, and head out the door”.

8. It’s also the perfect emotional fresh start (which is why everyone tends to think getting short hair is about getting over a certain idiot)….

9. … But it can also be the perfect way to channel your inner diva. (Twiggy, anyone?)

10. Hair grows back. It takes a while yes, and if you’re not that patient, there’s always the option of hair extensions.

So, what do you think of the pixie cut trend?


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